I’ve wanted to make a new blog/website using github pages for a while now. I like the idea of hosting everything on github for free and the simplicity yet flexibility of Jekyll. We considered it briefly when we were deciding what to use for the new Women in Machine Learning website but ended up going with wordpress instead, which was almost definitely the right choice in retrospect and I’m happy with how that website is shaping up. But for my own page, wordpress seemed like overkill and I much prefer to have access to all the moving parts :grin:

I finally decided to make this page after various conversations about the value of open science and about how to make the process of actually doing science more open and collaborative, not just at the publication stage. I recently heard the term “open notebook science” which refers to the idea of keeping a public record of the evolution of a research project. I like the idea of structuring my work around blog posts: “I need to write a blog post about this paper” instead of “I need to read this paper and understand it” gives me something more concrete and documented to work on. So this blog can be a place to discuss recent papers and half-baked ideas and will hopefully help me to document my own process as well, even if no one reads. I’ve enabled comments with disqus so that folks who do read can (please!) leave a note to participate in the discussion.